Finance Department


Finance department is the main instrument to control and safeguard an organizations assets. In order to build an effective workflow in the Department, there should be a mark out of core functions and obligations the Department does in everyday life. So, the three core functions of Finance department are: Financial Administration, Provision of Everyday Financial Transactions and Financial Reporting. This brief description of each function lets you better understand the department workflow and also gives examples relating to CDoN.

Financial administration

The financial administration function is maintained to ensure that financial controls, plans, policies and operations of the organization are up-to-date and in compliance with legal and corporate guidelines. The Procurator General oversees all the procedures of the Department and provides the ground for all financial transitions. The Financial administration function is aimed to:

  • Development and maintenance of internal control policies
  • Budget preparation and assignment
  • Revenue auditing and forecasting
  • Management of contractors

Controls allows management to track suppliers and customers of the organization for transparency

Provision of everyday financial transactions

It is a vital section of the finance department workflow as it provides the organizations, staff and partners with accurate, consistent and timely financial reports for the purpose of keeping the financial operations and transactions up-to-date and closed out in proper way. Day-to-day financial transactions include the following directions:

  • Payroll administration
  • Administration of the supply chain
  • Complete record keeping
  • Accounts receivable and accounts payable  

Financial Transactions allows department staff to keep track of all records on accounts payable (unpaid bills) and accounts receivable (funds received). Financial managers and accountants can access the Accounts Receivable view and the Account Payable view to track accounts by Amount, Payee, Payer, Date, Tax, and other attributes:

Catholic Diocese of Ndola is currently using the SAGE PASTEL as its accounting system

Financial Reporting

The Financial reporting section of the department workflow is aimed at generating and providing financial reports to the organizations departments and outside institutions to ensure legal compliance with the partners and within the local laws requirements. The Finance reporting department also reconciles the accounts of the organization and reports current status of all operations and translations made during the reporting period. The Board of Directors use analytical reports to ensure that the deals with current donors of the organization are properly calculated and handled.


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