Ordinary time, Year B



Bishop of Ndola Diocese :Bishop Dr. Benjamin Phiri JCD
Email: bishop@ndoladiocese.org







Vicar General: Rev. Fr. Christopher Chowa








Director of Pastoral Programmes: Rev. Fr. Mathew Mumba

Email: directorpastoral@ndoladiocese.org






Procurator General: Rev. Fr. Charles Tembo

Email: procuratorgeneral@ndoladiocese.org







Director of Social Projects and Programmes Rev. Fr. Francis Mukosa Email: directorsocial@ndoladiocese.org







Assistant Procurator General Sr. Dorothy Kamuchele Email:assprocurator@ndoladiocese.org








Bishop’s Secretary: Ms.Theresia Kopp





To strengthen the Administrative systems and structures to run the Organization efficiently

Strategic Goal
To have effective Ministers who have the love of the Church at heart.

Strategic Goal
To ensure that Priests are appointed to serve anywhere in the Diocese where there is pastoral need.

Strategic Objectives
i. To ensure that Priests are appointed by writing and specific roles outlined.
ii. To ensure that specialized Priests are given priority in their area of competence
iii. To ensure smooth running of the Parish, Priests are to be appointed for a specific period prescribed.
iv. To ensure that there are handover written Reports and submitted to relevant authorities
v. To ensure that there is continuity of programmes and projects in the Parish
Key Results
• Priests appointed in writing with a job description outlined.
• Have specialized priests appointed in their area of competence.
• Have a time limit to parish priests’ term of office in all parishes.
• Have smooth handovers of parishes and institutions in all the diocese.
• Have consistency of developmental projects in the Parishes.
• Diocesan Bishop
• Senior Diocesan Management
• Vicar Foranes

Strategic Goal
To have favourable living conditions for Priests for a stable Priestly Ministry

Strategic Objectives
i. To ensure that we strengthen and enhance the existing health scheme
ii. To ensure that retirement Policy is formulated and implemented so that Ailing, Aged and Retired Priests live comfortably.

Strategic Goal
To have well trained and formed Ministers for efficient and effective Priestly Ministry.

i. To ensure a holistic formation of priests, which is not only academic.
ii. To ensure that there is timely on-going formation for Priests
iii. To enhance Capacity Building among the Priests

Key Results
• Have a stable clergy with comfortable living conditions.
• Maintain the existing health scheme inclusive of all clergy working in the Diocese.
• Have a sound retirement policy in place for the Diocesan Clergy.
• Have a well-trained clergy for efficiency and effectiveness in ministry.
• Have enhanced On-going formation programmes for all the Clergy.
• Have readily available capacity building for the clergy.

• Diocesan Bishop
• Senior Diocesan Management
• Vicar Foranes

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