Archbishop Banda’s Homiliy, Friday of the Octave of Easter

Archbishop Banda’s Homiliy, Friday of the Octave of Easter


On this First Friday after “Good Friday” and the Easter excitements, we have yet another apparition from the Risen Lord. This miraculous fishing at the sea of Tiberius and the exciting and touching meeting with the Lord on the shores gives much food for our thought.

After His resurrection, Jesus appeared many times at different places and at different occasions to different groups of disciples helping them to come out of the astonishing slumber and self destructive depression. Jesus brings them out slowly of their own darkness of doubt into the light of truth and the clarity of God’s plan of redemption.

They are brought out and Peter says, “I am going out for fishing”. They have gained courage to face the world. However, they are not yet ready to face the failures that await them. They are not strengthened to face the world head on. The final empowerment through the Holy Spirit is still away. Out in the Sea of Tiberius, they are faced with failure once again. They do not catch any fish after the long night’s toil. There comes a command: “Cast your net on the right side”.

Sometimes a minor change of direction may be enough to gain success. But the gloom of the impending failure makes vision blurred. An external divine prompting is necessary at such times. Jesus’ timing is the best of making Himself known to the needy, when they are totally at a loss; and when they wander without an anchor.

We will lose nothing by following the Master’s orders. We will only gain. Thus let us keep our minds and hearts open to receive the promptings of the Spirit. On the shores of our daily lives, the Master awaits us. Like a mother, He waits for the tired children to serve them with delicious a delicious meal.

Jesus awaits us in the Eucharistic banquet to satisfy our spiritual hunger. The Eucharistbread strengthens and reassures us especially when we are distressed, confused and apprehensive. The Eucharist we receive from His altar enables us to face the world with
confidence. Let us hasten to receive it.

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