Biblical Commission

In its Strategic Plan for the years 2012-2017, the Catholic Diocese of Ndola set as its first Strategic Business Area that of Pastoral Care, spelling out its Strategic Goal as follows:

«To effectively and efficiently provide quality Biblical apostolate, Catechesis and Liturgy, in order to have well-formed Catholics who are able to live and share their faith with conviction» .
In the rationale it was noted that one of the major issues identified under pastoral care was the presence of «inadequacies in Biblical understanding» and the first Strategic Objective chosen was «to promote the reading, sharing and studying of the Bible».
On this basis the need of establishing a Diocesan Biblical Commission and revamping the existing Biblical Teams at Deanery and Parish Level was deeply felt.
The Diocesan Biblical Commission is a programme within the Pastoral Department of the Catholic Diocese of Ndola. The Commission comprises of Biblical Teams at Diocese, Deanery and Parish levels, and individuals at Small Christian Community level.
The role of the Diocese and Deanery levels consists in planning and delivering seminars and workshops on Biblical formation and coordinating the activities of Parish Teams. Programmes implemented by the Biblical Commission are fundamental for setting up a firm foundation on which all the other forms of teaching, through Catechesis and Liturgical formation, should lean. It is therefore of the highest importance for all the pastors in care of souls to value and encourage the activities of the Biblical Teams in their Parishes.
The mission of the Biblical Commission in Ndola Diocese is to read thoroughly Sacred Scriptures, to deepen their understanding and to share them with others. In order to achieve such a hard task, the Commission needs to provide ongoing formation and a growing library of helpful material for the members to use.

Strategic Objectives
i. To ensure that all parishes have Biblical commission teams established.
ii. To enhance the reading, sharing and studying of the Bible in families, lay groups and small Christian communities.
iii. To ensure enthronement of the Bible especially during the month of September to underscore its centrality in our Catholic faith
iv. To ensure that the Biblical Centre is operational in the diocese.

Key Results
• All parishes having Biblical Commission teams.
• Enhanced reading, sharing and studying of the Bible in families, lay groups and small Christian communities.
• Bible enthronement in all parishes especially in the month of September.
• Have the Biblical Centre operational in the Diocese.

We uphold the Vision Statement of our Diocese: “To Restore All Things in Christ”, by being effective, self-sustaining and inspired by passion for excellence.


We also uphold the Mission Statement of our Diocese:

We, the Catholic Diocese of Ndola, passionately committed to the salvation of all, Proclaim, and Catechize, Celebrate and Witness to the Word of God, in prayer, faith, hope, love and unity; so that all may have life in its fullness.

And we specify that the Mission of the Biblical Pastoral Ministry is: To open more and more to the faithful the treasure of the Word of God, in order to lead them to a deeper knowledge of Christ, the leader and perfecter of faith (Heb 12:2), so that they might have life and have it to the full (Jn 10:10).