Director: Fr. Bernard Kapembwa
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Social programs and projects is an essential department that is called witnessing in the Ndola strategic plan. It houses three important components of the social life of the community that is education, health and justice and peace.

The Educational department of the social programs, takes care of the catholic education beginning with the pre-school, primary schools, secondary schools and tertiary schools. The goal of the education department is to partner with the ministry of education and supplement the government efforts of educating its citizenry. This unit has the education secretary that superintends all the education institutions and gives a feedback to the diocesan management

Manager: Mrs  Scholastica Saidi

– Education Institutions

The Health department is the twofold mission of Christ; the preaching, teaching and healing of the sick. It is a very critical department for is feeds into the government ministry of health by reinforcing the government efforts in providing health especially to the rural parts of the diocese. It is a subdivision of the witnessing that takes care and support the vulnerable groups of people with quality and effective health services.

Manager: Fr. George Kaoma

– Health Institutions

– Integrated Aids Programme

– Children Development


The Justice and Peace section that observes and promotes the human rights and the dignity of the human person. It is founded on the social teaching of the church that defends the poor and the vulnerable in defending their rights and privileges. As it is said elsewhere, were there is no justice, there is no peace and peace being the development of the peoples.
Through the justice and peace the church involves itself in societal issues of governance, rights and development of women and children. The church does also involve in the education of the society on many matters of justice and development.