Strategic Goal
To manage and provide effective supplementary institutional and community healthcare support in the Diocese.

The Diocese has taken the twofold mission of Christ; preaching the Word of God and healing the sick. As a way of living the proclaimed Word, the Diocese wishes to continue the caring and supporting of the sick through quality health services. The Diocese therefore needs to strengthen the management of health care institutions and programmes. The Diocese needs to develop an operational framework for the health sector.

Strategic Objectives
i. To establish a Catholic Commission for Professionals in health in the Diocese
ii. To build the capacity of members of staff
iii. To build the capacity of community volunteers
iv. To promote and strengthen linkages with other stakeholders
v. To provide Care and support to vulnerable groups of people
vi. To promote access to Antiretroviral Treatment (ART) for people living with HIV and AIDS (PLWHA) through provision of quality Home Based Care
vii. To provide nutritional support and education
viii. To promote, facilitate and strengthen social and economical sustainability for PLWHA and Volunteers.
ix. To provide on-going spiritual support and guidance through Hospital Chaplains and parish priests in the Communities
x. To strengthen and boost already existing fundraising ventures to make them more productive and Market oriented
xi. To strengthen and enhance CBR activity performance through monitoring and evaluation
xii. To establish clear and effective operational structures for the management of health programmes
xiii. To equip the intellectually and physically challenged with life skills and knowledge required for them to become self-sustainable and have an independent living
xiv. To ensure CBR activities offered to beneficiaries are implemented in clean and conducive environment
xv. To equip and empower parents/caregivers with skills and knowledge for continued rehabilitation of clients.
xvi. To Capacity build CBR staff in knowledge and skill to enhance quality service provision and implementation of CBR activities.
xvii. To strengthen the provision of quality CBR services/activities to beneficiaries by lobbying for funds from Local and International Donors.
xviii. To develop policy on the formulation, approval and exit strategies of programmes and projects.

Key Results
• Provision of quality and efficient services.
• Maintain Catholic identity in service delivery
• Provision of pastoral