Bishop Banda’s Homily, Monday, 5th Week, Year 2.

Bishop Banda’s Homily, Monday, 5th Week, Year 2.

            Homilies, Monday, 5th Week, Year 2

Despite advancement in both science and technology sickness is still one of the big challenges to our wellbeing. As a result, we are always in search of medications, persons or places which could restore our wellbeing once and for all.

A look at the various medical centres, shrines or pilgrimage centres we are faced not only with a litany of testimonies of those whose wellbeing was restored but also a cloud of persons in search of cure. As a result, these places of cure as well as their personnel have become crowd pullers.

The time of Jesus may not have been any different from our time. Our Lord however, allowed the sick, the crippled, the possessed and all with various ailments to come to Him and with compassion He healed them by freeing them from all their ailments – physical and spiritual.

People thronged to Jesus not only on account of healing but they also saw something more, the presence of God which restored them to their wellbeing. The Immanuel, the God-who-is-with us, restored them to good health from within. He restored them their dignity by forgiving them. He healed them from all their ailments by restoring their good health.

It is in our time of need that we seek the Lord especially when we feel vulnerable, weak, and unable to manage. It is in those circumstances, when we come face to face with our limitations that we seek Him the most. It is in those times we come face to face with our frailties, that we come to realize our dependence on Him. It is in those dark and painful moments of our life that we become more disposed to Him.

The Immanuel, the God-who-is-with-us is the source and power of our healing and our cure and our restoration. Let us therefore hasten to Him without much delay. Let us not search elsewhere but Jesus.

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