Bishop Banda’s Homily, Thursday, 4th Week of Lent

Yesterday, we reflected on the fidelity and the love of God – which surpasses human love.
God’s love is unconditional, it is faithful and enduring. Today, we are invited to recall and remember these unconditional saving acts of God’s love and mercy in our lives. This invitation is meant to help us to remain focused on God in our lives whatever condition or circumstance we may find ourselves in.

However, whenever we are faced with rough and overwhelming challenges in life, we are almost always tempted to quit. Be it at work; in business; in studies; in marriage; in thefamily; or even in service of the Lord. When the going gets rough and tough, we all want to call it quits.

Yet, Moses in the First Reading did not quite despite the many problems after problemswith the people of Israel. True it was not that long since they experienced the liberation from Egypt and the miraculous parting of the Red Sea, the gushing of water from the rock, and the provision of quails and manna from heaven. They forgot about the God who saved them and they created an idol in the image of an animal!

Jesus could also have walked out on the descendants of the people of Israel that Moses had to deal with. Like their fore-fathers, they refused to believe in Jesus, despite the signs and miracles He performed. But in both Jesus and also in Moses, we see a genuine love and compassion for their people to save them.We too will meet with difficulties and problems. Yet we are called to look at and learn from Jesus and Moses. They showed God’s love and compassion to their people. May we too be the ones who will plead to God for mercy and compassion and forgiveness for our people – especially those that treat us badly and with malice.

May the 40 days of our Lenten season help us to recall and remember the saving acts of God amongst us and to cleanse ourselves of other distractions that have come into our lives which make us lose focus and forget about God in our lives. It is to God alone that we must say: You alone are my God.

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