Bishop Banda’s Homily, Wednesday, 2nd Week, Lent

Bishop Banda’s Homily, Wednesday, 2nd Week, Lent

Gossip and rumour can damage people’s reputations and character. These vices have ripple effects which turn into tidal waves and at the end become viral and unstoppable. It is even worse today with the advent of social media.

When you think of our friends in the political fraternity, it is mostly during campaigns when we hear the latest rumours and gossips about individuals. Name calling is not-uncommon among different political contestants.

At times you wonder, whether the different contestants for various positions are in their right framework of mind and let alone want to lead people to whom they demean themselves to.

In our first reading, we hear the evil doers plotting against the prophet Jeremiah and even intending to take his life. The reason being that Jeremiah spoke the Word of God that challenged their way of life.

Jeremiah had to fear for his life. He remembered how he stood in the presence of the Lord pleading for his people and only to be rewarded with ridicule, hatred, cruelty, scorn, malice and indeed an attempt at his life. Jeremiah can only complain: should evil be returned for good?

We too make the same experiences. Whenever we try to do what is expected of us, our reward is most often, a series of vicious critic and tongue twisting. Even those that have no clue about it join in the circus.

However, the example of Jesus Christ ought to be our model and our strength. Jesus came to serve and to give His life as a ransom for many.

Let us imitate Him in the preaching of the Good News and in the service of God and neighbour. We need not resign nor let resentment, anger or bitterness lead us into sin.

Being a disciple of Jesus does not mean sitting comfortably on His left or His right but to serve and give our lives like a ransom for many. Therefore, the privilege and dignity of following Jesus should enhance in us a disposition of service, so that others too may experience the love, care and mercy of God. We ought to be ready to be ridiculed in the same way as our master. Jesus says: “A disciple is no greater than the master”.

May this season be an opportunity of understanding the way of the Cross, its meaning and its significance. Over and above we need to be faithful till the end, regardless.

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