Celebrations of the Feast of Christ of King.

Celebrations of the Feast of Christ of King.

Today, November 26, 2023 the Cathedral of Christ the King in Ndola stood adorned and illuminated as the local faithful gathered in joyous reverence to celebrate the Feast of Christ the King. The Cathedral that is aptly named after this solemn feast, hosted a magnificent liturgy led by the esteemed Bishop of Ndola Diocese, Rt. Rev. Dr. Benjamin Phiri JCD.

The Feast of Christ the King, observed on the last Sunday of the liturgical year, is a momentous occasion in the Christian calendar, symbolizing the reign of Jesus Christ as the King of the Universe

Bishop Benjamin Phiri, adorned in liturgical vestments, presided over the solemn Mass with an air of reverence that echoed throughout the sacred space. The liturgy, enriched with hymns and prayers, unfolded as a vibrant tapestry of faith, emphasizing the sovereignty of Christ over all aspects of life.

In his homily, Bishop Phiri reflected on the enduring significance of Christ’s kingship in a world yearning for hope and direction. He exhorted the assembly to acknowledge Christ as a living, transformative presence in their lives, rather than just as a historical figure. He admonished them to examine their souls to see if they are really followers of Christ and if he is the real ruler of their life. He urged them to live as examples of Christ in their families, workplaces, and daily interactions since, in the end, they will have to render an account on judgment day.

The Feast of Christ the King serves as a poignant reminder of the Christian call to embrace Christ’s teachings and principles in both personal and societal realms. As the liturgical year concludes, the faithful are encouraged to reflect on their relationship with Christ and renew their commitment to living out the Gospel values.

In the wake of an inspiring and spiritually uplifting Feast of Christ the King Mass at the Cathedral of Christ the King in Ndola, the jubilant celebrations spilled out into a festive extravaganza, leaving the air buzzing with joy. Congregants were treated to a delightful array of performances, showcasing the vibrant spirit of unity and community that defines this sacred space.
The celebrations kicked off with a heartwarming display by the Holy Childhood, who filled the cathedral with the infectious energy of song and dance. The young performers, adorned in colorful attire, illuminated the atmosphere with their joyful expressions and spirited choreography. Their performance added a layer of innocence and purity to the festivities, underscoring the essence of Christ’s teachings about embracing childlike faith.
The youth took center stage with a series of captivating performances, demonstrating their creative talents in drama, poem recitals, and various artistic expressions. The cathedral resonated with laughter, applause, and cheers as the youth showcased their skills, infusing the celebration with a dynamic and modern vibrancy.
Following the exhilarating showcase of talents, the community came together for a shared luncheon, epitomizing the spirit of fellowship and unity. The luncheon, a feast for the senses, featured an abundance of local delights, symbolizing the diversity and richness of the Cathedral of Christ the King community.
Bishop Benjamin Phiri, present throughout the festivities, expressed his gratitude for the vibrant community spirit on display. He commended the creativity and dedication of the Holy Childhood and the youth, emphasizing the importance of fostering a dynamic and inclusive community within the cathedral.