Ordinary time, Year B

Monitoring Visit to Lubansa -Chililabombwe

On 12th May 2021, Vicar General- Rev. Fr. Christopher Chowa, Monitoring and Evaluation Officer- Gloria Mandeva Mupinga, ICT officer- Mrs Agnetta Musonda, District water development officer- Mr. Eric Chitambo, Nurse in-charge- Mrs. Exhildah Soko, and Nurse in-Charge Lubansa Health Post- Mr. Ephraim Njovu together with caregivers and association members met at Lubansa outstation where they shared their testimonies, the work they are doing in the community and the challenges they face. The group later took a tour of the Chicken rearing project they are currently doing, the toilet building projects being done in different households, as well as the solar piped water tank that has been built for the Lubansa community. The group also monitored the gardens that have been made with the inputs they were given. At the end of the monitoring the following were given to the community; MUAC tapes, Measuring Height boards, seeds, and kitchen utensils. Below are a few highlights

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