Diocesan  Senior Youth Days

Diocesan Senior Youth Days

The Catholic Diocese of Ndola held a Senior Youth Diocesan Day (DYD) from 29th June to 1st July, 2023 under the theme, YEAR OF UNITY: “COME NOW, LET US SET THINGS RIGHT” Isaiah 1:18. This year’s DYD started with Morning Prayers (Morning devotion for the Committee members), Committee Meeting and setting up of the arena and the Podium on Friday, 29th June, 2023.

Thursday, 30th June, 2023 was the official day of arrival for all participants drawn from all ten Deaneries of the Diocese. There were talks on the importance and meaning of DYD, Marriage and Christian culture, Identity and Stress Management, Social Teaching of the Church, and Entrepreneurship. There was also a procession and hand over of the Holy Cross to the hosting Deanery, Luanshya. The DYD was held at Mpelembe Secondary School in Luanshya Deanery.

On Saturday, 1st July, 2023 there was thanksgiving mass and the main Celebrant was the Vicar General, Very Rev. Fr. Lewis Mutachila, standing in for the Bishop, Rt. Rev. Dr. Benjamin Phiri, JCD. During said mass the Vicar General called on the Young Adults to have respect for any person working for them (domestic workers), to have regard for the faith of others in the spirit of Christian unity without diluting the Catholic faith, and to hold on to the authority of Jesus Christ which saves, heals and delivers from anything that hold us captives especially sin and all evils.

In his speech, Rev. Fr. Ackim Musenge who is the Diocesan Chaplain thanked the bishop in absentia for his love for the young people, availability and his efforts to see to it that the Senior Youth are given platform to interact with him and listen to them. Rev. Fr. Musenge called on Youth Adults to up the game so that the long-awaited Youth Village can be constructed at Kasongo area in Ndola to cut on many costs incurred annually on securing the venue for accommodation and DYD activities. The colourful event ended with thanksgiving songs, dance and interactions.