Kanjala Hill Trust (KHT) was founded by Bishop Dennis de Jong in the early 1990’s. The purpose of forming KHT was to raise funds to supplement other sources of funds in the operation of the Diocese. The late Bishop believed that the church must not only be self-ministering but also be self-sustaining.

The Kanjala Hill Trust is legally registered  and has a Trust Deed. It is run by a Board of Trustees comprising 5 lay people and a priest.

The core business of Kanjala Hill Trust is to manage property which the Diocese has no immediate use. Once property is handed to KHT, it is repaired if necessary and rented out. The Kanjala Hill Trust collects rentals and maintains these properties to ensure that they are in good repair. Money realized is used to maintain properties while the surplus is transferred to the Diocese on a monthly basis.

KHT has about 12 employees who include an Estate Officer, Accounts Assistant, cleaners and guards. Maintenance of properties is outsourced.