Ground Breaking Ceremony for the construction of a priests’ house at Holy Family Parish

in Chingola – Lulamba Township. The ceremony was officiated by Our Bishop His Lordship Dr.  Alick Banda.

Lulamba SiteChristian Attending Ceremony

Ground Breaking StoneBishop Banda Breaking the Ground

Lulamba House project as at November 10 2017. The house  is being constructed at Holy Family Parish in Chingola – Lulamba Township.

Lulamba Priests' House Project Pic 5Lulamba Priests' House Project Pic 6

Lulamba Priests' House Pic 1Lulamba Priests' House Project Pic 2Lulamba Priests' House Project Pic 3Lulamba Priests' House Project Pic 4

The Foundation of the WoMF  Priest’s house was finally laid today 21st November 2017 at the Holy Family Parish in Lulamba, chingola.

Builders worked hard to lay the concrete foundation of the estimated 5 bedroomed self contained house.


At the end of the day, the first and major step towards the building of this house was established.

Construction of Lulamba Priests’ House has reached an advanced level. Below are the pictures showing the  position of the construction works as at 11 January, 2018.