Pastoral Visitation at St. Anthony Mission-[in pictures]

Pastoral Visitation at St. Anthony Mission-[in pictures]

Rev. Fr. Mathews Mumba visited st. Anthony Mission in Misangwe on sunday 16th June 2019, representing His Grace Archbishop Dr. Banda who was unable to attend. The visitation coincided with the celebration for the mission’s patron Saint, St. Anthony. The visit began with Mass that started with prayers at the statue of St. Anthony

It was then followed by a beautiful procession to the church grounds.

Parish priest- Rev. Fr. Felix Mulenga, Ass. Parish Priest and Tobit Girls Chaplin- Rev. Fr. Evaristo Chola, and Liturgical Manager- Rev. Fr. Israel Maliseni co-celebrated mass with Rev. Fr. Mumba being the main Celebrant.The Eucharistic celebration was a colorful one as 26 outstations had travel from afar to attend this beautiful celebration, that is only held once very 2 years.

Mass began and the first reading and seconding from Proverbs 8:22-31 and Romans 5:1-5 respectively. The Gospel was from John 16:12.

Rev. Fr. Mathews Mumba Gave a power message on Unity and oneness as Christians.

Rev. Fr. Mumba’s Homily

The mission also witnessed the conferring of the sacrament of confirmation to 50 candidates most of which were from Tobit Girls school.

Mass continued with offering , consecration and communion.

Mass ended with a  the final blessing from Rev. Fr. Mathews Mumba.