St. Peter Parish- Pastoral Visitation-[ in Pictures]

St. Peter Parish- Pastoral Visitation-[ in Pictures]

Procutator General, Rev.Fr. Charles Tembo on the 20th of January 2019, visited St Peter Catholic Church In Mufurila. Rev. Fr Tembo was standing in for His Grace Archbishop Dr. Alick Banda, was unable to visit the Parish. Mass began at 09:30 hrs, and was Co-celebrated by Rev.Fr. Tembo (main celebrant) and Parish Priest, Rev. Fr. Cornelius Mukubi  during which the sacrament of Confirmation was conferred on 68 candidates.

The readings where the taken by two of the confirmation candidates and the Gospel was read by Parish Priest Rev. Fr. Cornelius Mukubi.

Rev. Fr. Charles Tembo gave a beautiful homily on the gifts of the Holy Spirit, in which he spoke on the Gifts being for the benefit of the body of Christ and not for personal gratification.That Humility is Vital in our Christian Life. He also preached on having Joy, that comes from having Jesus Christ at the center of Our lives and inviting Him always in our homes, families , marriages and everyday life.

Confirmations where than conferred to 68 candidates.

mass continued with offering and communion.


Mass came to an end with a short address by Rev. Fr. Tembo in which he delivered  greetings from His Grace Archbishop Dr. Alick Banda and  he thanked the parishioners for working hard to build their parish, and he further encouraged the to do even more for the parish and their priest He emphasized the need to  pay tithes and its importance.  The final blessing was the given and joyous parishioners left the church with singing.