The Catholic Diocese of Ndola forms young men from all over the Diocese every year to become Catholic Priests and serve in our vast communities.


Strategic Goal
To promote and nurture vocations to family life, Religious Life and Priesthood


To further the vision and mission of the Church, there is need to have sufficient vocations to both Consecrated Life and the Priesthood. Good Christian families play a primary role in the promotion and sustenance of vocations.


Strategic Objective
i. To promote Vocation clubs in all Parishes for family life, consecrated life and Priesthood.
ii. To constitute vocation promotion teams at deanery and diocese levels.
iii. To ensure and encourage active participation of priests in the promotion of vocations.
Key Results
• Have sufficient number of priests to foster the vision and mission of the Diocese
• Have a remarkable presence of religious and apostolic life in the Diocese
• Have good and responsible Catholic Christian families


The Seminaries below are  the different schools they undergo during their formation:

  1. Emmaus Spirituality Center, Bauleni Lusaka.

Emmaus Spirituality Center is  the entry point into our Major Seminaries. It is a National Seminary where all candidates from our eleven Dioceses (Ndola, Solwezi, Lusaka, Mansa, Mongu, Livingstone, Mpima, Chipata, Monze, Kasama and Kabwe) begin their Priestly Formation.

During the course of their spiritual year of Emmaus Spiritual Center.  Seminarians are introduced to the Prayer of the Church (Liturgy and Devotions), are given an overview of all the courses, and are inducted on what it means to be a seminarian.


  1. Augustine Mayor Seminary, Mpima, Kabwe.

This is the second school (seminary) we go to for Philosophical and Religious Studies. Here seminarians are introduced and formed in critical thinking by appreciating the ancient, modern and contemporary thoughts. It is also the seminary that helps seminarians to know the various cultures and  beliefs.

The Philosophical and Religious studies take two (2) years after which one is awarded with a Diploma. These studies introduce and prepare graduates for Theological studies.


  1. Dominic’s Major Seminary, woodlands, Lusaka.

This is the third and final Seminary during the Priestly formation. Here, we study Theology for 4years and successful students are awarded with a Degree in Divine Sciences. The Seminary outlines in-depth to the seminarians the teaching of the church on how God has revealed himself as a triune God and how he wants his people to relate to him and worship him. It is here that the Bible is known in-depth and the environment in which it was written through the inspiration of the Holy Spirit. It is the institution in which the riches of the church in terms of Doctrine are discussed and learnt. It is at this institution that seminarians are equipped and taught the deposit of faith.

The seminary programme is divided into  two segments: the first two years of Theology ushers the seminarians into the Pastoral year in their respective Dioceses. This programme aims at equipping the students with the practical Pastoral activities and helps the seminarians to bridge the gap between intellectual knowledge, and the practical experience of Priestly life.

After a year, seminarians get back to the  seminary to finish off the two years of Theology Studies. Upon completion, one obtains a Degree in Theology.

Depending on the policy of the Diocese, some Seminarians are ordained Deacons immedatly after studies. As for Ndola Diocese, one has to continue for one or two years before Diaconate ordination. After serving for six months or so as a deacon, one is ordained a Priest.

Therefore, Priestly formation takes about eight years for one to become a priest in the Catholic Diocese of Ndola, but depending on the  Personal maturity and upon recommendations, one maybe ordained earlier than usual.

It is also important to note that the Church reserves the right to ordain or not to ordain. The Formation of a candidate for Priesthood is a process and not an end in itself. This means that we answer to Gods call in his church every day. The Vocation to Priesthood is a noble and Holy encounter with the person of Jesus Christ in his Church.


Young men who are to be admitted into the seminary need to meet the following Qualifications:

  • Baptism, Confirmation, and proof of the same.
  • Coming from a Parish and well recommended, with good intentions of becoming a priest.
  • To be fit health wise and possess proof of one’s good health.
  • Possess good Secondary academic qualifications and any other course done is an added advantage. Points should be between 6 -24 points with good grades in English and mathematics. The completion for selection is stiff so better get good grades.
  • Be ready to appear before the panel of evaluators or team of vocation promoters for interviews and assessments.



For those who are interested they can contact the Vocation Director of the Diocese on the following addresses:

Vocations Director
Fr. Shula Muleba
Phone  :  260 967 141 763
Email :
Facebook Pages:@  Vocations Office of the Catholic Diocese of Ndola
                              : @ Catholic Diocese of Ndola