Welcome and Farewell Mass for 3 infantry Brigade Chaplains.

Welcome and Farewell Mass for 3 infantry Brigade Chaplains.

In a poignant ceremony that blended solemnity with camaraderie, the 3 Infantry Brigade bid farewell to one chaplain while extending a warm welcome to another during a special Welcome and Farewell Mass that was held today, November 22,nd 2023 at the Cathedral Christ the King in Ndola.

The Farewell Mass that was celebrated by the Bishop of Ndola Diocese – Rt. Rev. Dr. Benjamin Phiri JCD, paid tribute to Chaplain Capt (Fr) Bartholomew Mukuka whose unwavering commitment and compassionate presence have left an indelible mark on the hearts of the brigade members as well as the laity.

Bishop Dr. Phiri expressed gratitude for Chaplain Capt (Fr) Bartholomew Mukuka tireless service and disciple as he takes up his new position at Army Headquarters, Garrison in Lusaka.

In the same vein, Bishop Dr. Phiri officially introduced and welcomed the new chaplain Maj (Fr) Lazarus Spoon Mbewe and expressed his desire to work closely with the brigade in building the Faith .

As Chaplain Capt (Fr) Bartholomew Mukuka bids farewell to the brigade, a new chapter begins with the arrival of Chaplain Maj (Fr) Lazarus Spoon Mbewe. The Welcome Mass was a celebration of hope, continuity, and the enduring spirit of the brigade and the Catholic Faith.

The event concluded with a reception, allowing for personal connections and moments of shared joy amidst the bittersweet atmosphere.