Works of Mercy Foundation                         


The Works of Mercy Foundation (WoMF) was born out of the need to steer the Diocese away from a dependent syndrome on donor aid through stewardship and resource mobilization. The Diocese intends to achieve this through co-opting the laity in the Foundation to work hand in hand with the clergy in the administration for maximum synergies. The Foundation was officially launched on 8th December 2015, on the Solemnity of the Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary, which also marked the beginning of the Jubilee Year of Mercy, and from where the name was derived.


The Mission of the Foundation, that is with the full involvement of the laity, is to spearhead fundraising ventures in the Diocese which will put in place lasting institutions that would pave way for a Church that is self-reliant, self-ministering and self-sustainable. The Foundations vision, in line with the Diocesan vision is to align all things to Christ including the human, material and monetary resources available in order to meet the objectives of the Church.

Beyond that the mission would also see to it that it includes involves the laity with different professional back grounds to provide best organizational practices in its operations through service excellence at all levels.

While being mindful of the economic challenges and other negative factors affecting its goals, the WoMF will pursue alternative ways of investments and Income Generating Ventures (IGVs) that will not have an adverse effect on any future generations.


  1. Bishop Dr. Alick Banda, Clergy Catholic Diocese of Ndola

            2. Charles Tembo, Clergy Catholic Diocese of Ndola

  1. Mwansa Mumba, Clergy Catholic Diocese of Ndola
  1. Lewis Mutachila, Clergy Catholic Diocese of Ndola
  1. Benedict Ng’andwe, Clergy Catholic Diocese of Ndola
  1. Emmanuel Bwalya Mutati, Director – Mopani Copper Mines Plc Board
  1. Michael Chiti, Director – Guardian Insurance Brokers
  1. Sabina Chipasha, Branch Manager – Zanaco
  1. Misozi Mapala, Assistant Manager – Bank of Zambia

10. Mr. Wilphred Katoto, Chief Technical Officer – ZCCM Investments Holdings Plc


Emmanuel Mutati               –          Executive Chairperson

Michael Chiti                       –           Executive Vice Chairperson

Misozi Mapala                      –          Executive Secretary

Sabina Chipasha                   –         Executive Treasurer


Wilphred Katoto     –           Techinical Chairperson

Francis Sichuma      –          Fundraising     Chairperson

Sabina Chipasha       –          Finance Chairperson

Judge T. Katanekwa –         Legal Chairperson

Patrick Kampengele –         Investment Chairperson

Alice Fatchi                –         Auditor


Dr. Alick Banda

Bishop of Ndola Diocese


The main areas of work for the foundation are:-

  1. Construction of houses for priests
  2. Helping in many areas of need for the Church


Among the foundation’s main objectives are the following

  1. Initiating fund raising activities for funding:-
  • The diocesan projects
  • Activities of evangelisation


The foundation organizes it financial and material resources by:-

  1. Sponsored walks
  2. Golf  fundraising tournaments
  3. Contacting business houses
  4. Holding gala nights

Among the main achievements attained in the immediate past was a Bishop’s fund raising walk that raised a record K300,000.  A golf tournament at Nkana raised over K 60, 000.  These figures are as at 31st August 2016. These resources have been targeted at laying the foundation for the first priests’ house to be built in Itawa.

Lulamba Project    Itawa Project