On Sunday, 30th June 2019, Sts. Peter and and Paul Parish in Chingola had a lot to celebrate not only had the Parish turned 75 year , but also 30 young people were conferred the sacrament of Confirmation. Mass which was celebrated by Rev. Fr. Mathews Mumba [Pastoral Director] who was representing Archbishop Dr. Alick Banda. The Mass was co-celebrated by 10 other Priests namely; Parish Priest- Rev. Fr. Lewis Mutachila, Assistant Parish Priest- Rev. Fr. James Dokowe, Diocesan Exorcist- Rev. Fr. Grevase Mukuka, Rev. Fr. Epimague Rafiki, Rev. Fr. Mike Kolala, Rev. Fr. Remmy Lesa, Rev. Fr. Waldemar Mocenda SDB, Rev. Fr. Leszek Akgamut SDB, Rev. Fr. Rorbert Lesa SDB, Rev. Fr. Christopher Kunda SDB.

Rev. Fr. Lewis Mutachila welcomed the invited guest and all who were present, then the Parish Chairman Mr. Thomas Chisheta gave a brief history of the Parish.  Mass then Commenced, readings were taken and the gospel proclaimed by Rev. Fr. James Dokowe.

Rev. Fr. Mathews Mumba then gave a beautiful Homily.

Confirmations then followed.

Mass continued with Offertory, consecration and communion.

Mass ended with the final Blessing from Rev. Fr. Mathews Mumba.

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