With the out -break of Cholera in our country, the Catholic Diocese of Ndola wish to give guidance to its faithful on the epidemic. The following should be observed to prevent the spread of the same in our communities;

1. The parishes should not allow any gatherings apart from the parish Executive and the celebration of the Holy Eucharist.

2. No shaking of hands unnecessarily. For now even during mass there should be no shaking of hands until such a time when the Cholera epidemic will be over.

3. Parishes should see to it that they keep parish ablution blocks extra clean and provisions  of water should always be available in the same together with hand washing soaps.

4. No travelling of groups from one parish to another until further notice. We can even go further and discourage people from travelling from one town to another with no good reasons, “what can wait should wait”.

5. Parishes to guide the faithful not to attend unnecessarily gatherings of weddings, funerals, festive parties and other gatherings.

6. People should be discouraged to throw litter around parish premises and outside. People should be encouraged to keep their home places and surroundings extra clean.

7. People should be discouraged to buy food from the streets, but from designated places by Government and the Local Authorities and to boil water for drinking.

The Catholic Diocese of Ndola believes, together we can protect ourselves and the environment for good habitation. Let us work together!

Wishing all of you a Happy New Year!
Catholic Diocese of Ndola
Very Rev. Fr. Tresphor Mutale

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