We are called differently.

1. We are called differently according to the mission entrusted to us. Others are called to family life, whilst others to consecrated life and still others to the priesthood. However, at the core of all these vocations is the need to respond accordingly and responsibly in the service of our Lord and neighbour. Samuel our example says, “Speak Lord, your servant is listening”.

2. Amid the loud voices of the media, family, friends, acquaintances etc. the voice of the Lord is like a gentle breeze (1Kg 19:12) and yet audible, and full of power and splendor (Ps 29:4) that it cannot be mistaken for anything else. And it is that voice that will keep us awake – urging us to spend ourselves in His service and neighbour.

3. In order to hear His voice, we need to have an open mind, and an open heart to the voice of God. God may speak to us in various ways, in the depth of ourselves, in the events of our daily life for an extraordinary life experience with Him. The call may also come at different moments of our life: during sickness; death of a beloved; during loss of employment, at a time of separation from our spouse, partner, children etc. In all these circumstances the Lord is calling for a new life experience.

4. A question that begs an answer is: what motivates us in our calling? Is it demand and recognition or something else? If it is the demand and recognition that elevates you, however, when there is no more demand you will then sink. Your spirit will be submerged. That probably explains why our old folks seem to be bitter and grumbling. They keep on complaining about the ingratitude of the young generation but they forget the great accomplishments and contributions of their predecessors.

5. However, the driving force in Jesus’ works was His constant consciousness of the “purpose for which He come”. He constantly remained in touch in prayer with His heavenly Father, whose mandate He was trying to execute. He was least worried about motivating factors like reward or punishment, success or failure, crown or cross, etc.

6. We ought to emulate Him to be in constant touch in prayer all the time and be conscious of our calling, that initial calling we received – when we said: speak Lord your servant is listening. That will give you peace and certainty even when the going seem to be rough.

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