There is a purpose for all that happens in our lives.

There is a purpose for all that happens in our lives.

1.When we think and reflect about life, we will come to realize that there is a purpose for all that happens in our lives. You will come to appreciate that there are no coincidences. There is always a reason for everything. In spiritual terms, we would say – there is God’s plan and purpose for the events and situations that happen in life. God is always present with us, both in good and bad times. It is our choice to place meaning on the events of our lives – either as a blessing or a curse.

2. In the Old Testament every misfortune, tragedy or defeat pointed to a problem or a crisis. It was deemed as a turning point, an opportunity to awaken from slumber and spiritual decay and to turn back to God in repentance. To be afflicted with leprosy in the Jewish culture was a great tragedy. It meant a person was not only physically afflicted but also spiritually impoverished and would be permanently expelled and isolated from the community.

3. Therefore, for the leper to approach Jesus for healing, it should have taken him a great deal, as he was an outcast. However, the disease which was a crisis for him became a turning point in his life as he turned to the Lord for healing.

4. So every challenge, disaster, tragedy, or crisis that happens; it happens for a reason. All that happens occur within the plan of God; in the hands of God. The will of God is for us to turn back to Him. When we think of Jesus, He suffered a tragic and humiliating death on the cross – that is what it takes God to undertake in order for us to turn back to Him.

5. Reflecting on hygiene vis-à-vis cleanliness in our trading places, it took the crisis of cholera to induce a new mind set. It is now or never to deal with our attitude towards cleanliness and hygiene be it at home, at places of work, on the road, at gatherings etc. It is no coincidence but a turning point – the need for a new mindset, a cleaning revolution in our homes, places of work, on the road and public places for public safety.

6. Let us pray that we will keep the tempo in the years to come and that laws will be enacted and enforced to arrest any lawlessness and disorderliness in the preservation of public health and hygiene living conditions.

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