Divine Mercy Parish Pastoral Visitation-[ in Pictures]

Divine Mercy Parish Pastoral Visitation-[ in Pictures]

Today 28th April 2019, Divine Mercy Parish Celebrated their Feast day which coincided with their pastoral visitation, included the conferring of the sacrament of confirmation during mass.This Day began with Mass celebrated by Arch-bishop Dr. Alick Banda’s Representative Procurator General, Rev. Fr. Charles Tembo and Co- Celebrated by  Parish Priest Rev. Fr. Martin O’farrell.

The reading were taken and the homily read by Parish Priest Rev. Fr. O’farrell.

The Candidates for Confirmation were the presented and then Rev. Fr. Charles Tembo gave an inspiring homily on forgiveness, love and unity.    

Rev. Fr. Tembo’s Homily

After the Homily the sacrament of Confirmation is conferred.

Later  offertory, consecration and communion followed. 

Before the end of mass the Parish executive presented their report to the Archbishop’s Representative. Rev. Fr. Tembo, who gave a  vote of thanks and encouraged the parish to promote the faith and Vocations to the Holy childhood and the youth of the parish.  The Final Blessing was then given as the mass ended and the celebrations continued after mass.