Bishop Banda’s Homily, Feast of St. Joseph

There is something interesting about St. Joseph in the gospels. The gospels described the character of St. Joseph as a man of honour, and for what he did especially for Jesus and Mary. However, nothing is recorded in the Gospels of what St. Joseph said. Only what he did. But that is enough for us – to read and know the person of Joseph, the husband of Mary and the foster father of our Lord Jesus Christ.

From the gospel accounts, we can also see that St. Joseph was a man of a strong characterand a man of faith. He took Mary to be his wife even though he wasn’t exactly sure how she became pregnant. (Only love makes people blind. When one is in love, logic does not count, it doesn’t matter but to please the beloved).

After the birth of Jesus, when Herod was persecuting them, he did not abandon the mother and child for his own safety (love bound Him on them). He fled with them into Egypt until such a time when it became safe for the child Jesus. Again he brought them back and cared for them.
St. Joseph also had a keen ear for listening to the will of God, whether it was by dreams or through visions of angels. So it was his actions that spoke louder than any words. It was by his actions that he showed his faith and trust in God.

As we honour St. Joseph, let us learn, not only from his actions which are filled with love, passion and zeal but also from his silence. His silence is filled with obedience, patience, listening attentively to the will of God and the word that proceeds from the mouth of God.

May we also be filled with a listening heart and be moved with passion in the service of God and neighbour – with love, honour and dedication.

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