Chrism Mass-[In Pictures]

Chrism Mass-[In Pictures]

Today 15th April 2019, Ndola diocese celebrated Chrism Mass at St. Joseph Itawa Parish. The beautiful celebration saw Priests and the Lay faithful from all around the diocese gather together.  The Main Celebrant was Archbishop Dr. Alick Banda who took time from Lusaka to come and bless the Holy Oils.

Mass began with a colorful procession and  a few welcome remarks from his grace, Archbishop Banda and then the readings were taken and the Gospel Read.

The Archbishop then gave a powerful Homily that encouraged his the lay faithful and his brother Priests on the vocation of Priesthood.

Archbishop Dr. Alick Banda’s Homily

Mass continued with the presentation and blessing of the oils.

The consecration and communion followed thereafter. During which the oils where presented and blessed.


After the communion, the oils where presented and blessed.

Mass came to an end with the final Blessing from Archbishop Dr. Alick Banda.